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Effects of wildfire on soils and watershed processes, Ice, G.G., Neary D.G., and Adams P.W. , Journal of Forestry, Volume 102, Issue 6, (2004) PDF icon Ice_2004.pdf (2.68 MB)
JFSP Final Report: Post-fire erosion and effectiveness of emergency rehabilitation treatments over time, MacDonald, L. H., and Robichaud P.R. , Fort Collins, (2008) PDF icon MacDonald_Robichaud_2008.pdf (401.27 KB)
Predicting post-fire erosion and sedimentation risk on a landscape scale: A case study from Colorado, MacDonald, L. H., Sampson R., Brady D., Juarros L., and Martin D. A. , Journal of Sustainable Forestry, Volume 11, (2000) PDF icon Macdonald_2000.pdf (552.57 KB)
Effects of forest fires and post-fire rehabilitation: A Colorado, USA case study, MacDonald, Lee H., and Larsen Isaac J. , Fire effects on soils and restoration strategies, Volume 5, Enfield, NH, (2009) PDF icon MacDonald_Larsen_2009.pdf (2.49 MB)
The fire pulse: wildfire stimulates flux of aquatic prey to terrestrial habitats driving increases in riparian consumers, Malison, R.L., and Baxter C.V , Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, Volume 67, (2010) PDF icon Malison_Baxter_2010.pdf (1010.49 KB)
The flux and particle size distribution of sediment collected in hillslope traps after a Colorado wildfire, Martin, D. A., and Moody J. A. , Proceedings of the Seventh Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, Reno, Nevada, (2001) PDF icon Martin_Moody_2001B.pdf (533.55 KB)
Comparison of soil infiltration rates in burned and unburned mountainous watersheds, Martin, D. A., and Moody J. A. , Hydrological Processes, Volume 15, (2001) PDF icon Martin_Moody_2001.pdf (248.36 KB)
Water source protection funds as a tool to address climate adaptation and resiliency in southwestern forests, McCarthy, Laura Falk , Forest conservation and management in the Anthropocene: Conference proceedings, Number RMRS-P-71, Fort Collins, CO, (2014) PDF icon McCarthy_2014.pdf (1.69 MB)
A rapid response database in support of post-fire hydrological modeling, Miller, Mary Ellen, and Elliot William J. , StreamNotes, Fort Collins, CO, (2015) PDF icon Miller_Elliot_2015.pdf (2.03 MB)
Quantifying burn severity in a heterogenous landscape with a relative version of the delta Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR), Miller, J.D., and Thode A.E. , Remote Sensing of the Environment, Volume 109, (2007) PDF icon Miller_Thode_2007.pdf (2.3 MB)
A field guide for rapid assessment of post-wildfire recovery potential in sagebrush and pinon-juniper ecosystems in the Great Basin: Evaluating resilience to disturbance and resistance to invasive annual grasses and predicting vegetation response, Miller, Richard F., Chambers Jeanne C., and Pellant Mike , Number Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-338, Fort Collins, CO, (2015) PDF icon Miller_2015.pdf (20.52 MB)
Responses of stream benthic macroinvertebrates to fire, Minshall, G.W. , Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 178, (2003) PDF icon Minshall_2003.pdf (112.4 KB)
Wildfires and Yellowstone's Stream Ecosystems, Minshall, G.W., Brock J.T., and Varley J.D. , BioScience, Volume 39, Issue 10, (1989) PDF icon Minshall_1989.pdf (2.34 MB)
Critical shear stress for erosion of cohesive soils subjected to temperature typical of wildfires, Moody, J. A., Smith D. J., and Ragan B. W. , Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 110, (2005) PDF icon Moody_Smith_2005.pdf (232.89 KB)
Current research issues related to post-wildfire runoff and erosion processes, Moody, J.A., Shakesby R.A., Robichaud P.R., Cannon S., and Martin D.A. , Earth-Science Reviews, Volume 122, (2013) PDF icon Moody_2013.pdf (3.53 MB)
Hydrological and Sedimentologic Response of Two Burned Watersheds in Colorado, Moody, J. A., and Martin D. A. , U.S. Geological Survey, Water-Resources Investigations Report, Number 01-4122, Denver, Colorado, (2001) PDF icon Moody_Martin_2001C.pdf (4.65 MB)
Linking Hydraulic Properties of Fire-affected Soils to Water Repellency, Moody, J.A., Kinner D.A., and beda Xavier Ú. , Journal of Hydrology, Volume 379, (2009) PDF icon Moody_2009.pdf (634.47 KB)
Plot-scale sediment transport processes on a burned hillslope as a function of particle size, Moody, J. A. , Proceedings of the 4th Federal Interagency Hydrologic Modeling Conference and of the 9th Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, Las Vegas, NV, (2010) PDF icon Moody_2010.pdf (131.56 KB)
Spatial structures of stream and hillslope drainage networks following gully erosion after wildfire, Moody, J. A., and Kinner D. A. , Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Volume 31, Issue 3, (2006) PDF icon Moody_Kinner_2006.pdf (508.03 KB)
Fostering post-wildfire research, Moody, J.A., Martin D.A., Robichaud P.R., and Shakesby R.A. , Eos, Volume 95, Issue 4, (2014) PDF icon Moody_2014.pdf (54.68 KB)
Post-fire, rainfall intensity-peak discharge relations for three mountainous watersheds in the western USA, Moody, J.A., and Martin D.A. , Hydrological Processes, Volume 15, (2001) PDF icon Moody_Martin_2001.pdf (186.44 KB)
Sediment transport regimes after a wildfire in steep mountainous terrain, Moody, J. A. , Proceedings of the Seventh Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, Reno, Nevada, (2001) PDF icon Moody_2001.pdf (550.71 KB)
An analytical method for predicting postwildfire peak discharges, Moody, J.A. , U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report, Number 2011-5236, (2012) PDF icon Moody_2012.pdf (3.74 MB)
Linking runoff response to burn severity after wildfire, Moody, J. A., Martin D. A., Haire S. L., and Kinner D. A. , Hydrological Processes, Volume 22, Issue 13, (2008) PDF icon Moody_2008.pdf (639.85 KB)
Hyper-dry conditions provide new insights into the cause of extreme floods after wildfire, Moody, J.A., and Ebel B.A. , Catena, Volume 93, (2012)
Initial hydrologic and geomorphic response following a wildfire in the Colorado Front Range, Moody, J. A., and Martin D. A. , Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Volume 26, (2001) PDF icon Moody_Martin_2001B.pdf (1.84 MB)
Variations in soil detachment rates after wildfire as a function of soil depth, flow properties, and root properties, Moody, J.A., and Nyman P. , U.S. Geological Survey, Scientific Investigations Report, Number 2012-5159, (2013) PDF icon Moody_Nyman_2013.pdf (6.4 MB)
Infiltration and runoff generation processes in fire-affected soils, Moody, J.A., and Ebel B.A. , Hydrological Processes, Volume 28, Issue 9, (2014)
Post-wildfire erosion response in two geologic terrains in the western USA, Moody, J. A., Martin D. A., and Cannon S.H. , Geomorphology, Volume 95, (2008) PDF icon Moody_2008B.pdf (761 KB)


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