Trainings & Examples

After the Wildfire
A presentation by engineers on how to quantify and mitigate the risks from flooding and debris flows post wildfire. Covers the severe changes to hydrology, sediment, and debris availability and mobility following a fire.


Hydrologic Impacts of High Severity Wildfire
A presentation on the long term hydrologic impacts of high severity wildfire in the Southwest.


Connecting Resilience Science with Decision-making

A webinar presenting guidelines for the effective development and application of scientific information. Presents data from interviews with scientists, managers, and other stakeholders following "Fostering Resilience in Southwestern Ecosystems: A Problem Solving Workshop."


Local Ecological Knowledge and Fire Management: What does the public understand?

A webinar presenting results from a study aimed at understanding how ecological knowledge and education level affected fire management perception and understanding.


Preparing for After the Fire

A powerful short movie to help communities think ahead about wildfire response. Includes a discussion guide.


BAER From a Practitioners Viewpoint, Treatment Effectiveness and Lessons Learned

A slideshow presentation from a soil scientist and watershed program manager on the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. The powerpoint covers the cost and effectiveness of various BAER treatments, with specific examples from the Coconino. Additionally, the lessons learned by a BAER team member for engaging with communities and other agencies are presented.


Flood Warning Systems: A Case Study of Frijoles Canyon

A slideshow presentation on a flood warning system put in place by USGS and private company, OneRain. The system was used by managers and communities after the Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico.


Post-Fire Flood Warning System
A slideshow presentation on USGS’s WaterAlert program and an example of its use in Arizona. WaterAlert allows users to subscribe to the service for free and receive alerts by email or text message when a user-defined threshold is exceeded.


Managing for Future Risks of Fire, Post-Fire Flooding and Extreme Precipitation
A slideshow presentation of watershed responses following major wildfires in New Mexico.


Utilizing Remote Sensing Indices to Evaluate Hydrologic Recovery in the Arroyo Seco Watershed
Power point presentation covering various remote sensing techniques to monitor the recovery of a watershed.

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