Alert Systems

A precipitation gage with solar panel,

radio stand, and electronics installed within

the burned area of the Whitewater Baldy

Complex Fire, New Mexico

(Photo: Kristen Lemoine, NRCS New Mexico).


Alert Systems can be used by individuals as well as community leaders to receive advanced warning about flash flooding or debris flows. Warnings are based on peak storm rainfall thresholds that are developed for recently burned areas. There are multiple options for Community Alert Systems, however the best way to stay safe is to stay awake and pay attention to warnings during especially intense, short bursts of rain.


NOAA Weather Radio
During a storm, users should listen to the radio. The NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards tone alert will let you know of hazards in your area. These alerts may also be broadcast on television.


National Weather Service
The National Weather Service issues warnings to keep users aware of potentially dangerous flooding situations. This site provides information for before, during, and after a flood, as well as links to check for flood warnings and flood watches throughout the country.


The U.S. Geological Survey WaterAlert service sends e-mail or text (SMS) messages when certain parameters, as measured by a USGS real-time data-collection station, exceed user-defined thresholds. The user can select their location from a map, the type of data they desire, and subscribe to receive warnings through phone or email.

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