Resource Manager Toolkit: Post-fire Floods

Welcome to the After Fire Toolkit and Information site. Here managers,  landowners, or communities can find guidance for assessing and preventing potential damage due to post-fire flooding and related events.  Browse this site to find information on the research, methods, and tools available for measuring and reducing risks associated with post-fire flooding, debris flows and sedimentation.


For more information regarding post-fire issues addressed on this site, click on the links below.

Post-Fire Concerns

Management of Post-Fire Flood & Erosion

Science of Post-Fire Flood & Erosion


This site is meant to serve as a resource for those interested in understanding the methods available to assess potential risks associated with post-fire events. However, wildfire preparation involves actions that occur before and long after a burn. We direct you to several other useful resources for more information regarding other aspects of fire planning.


Firewise communities and defensible spaces



Emergency response


New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association

Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers

Arizona Floodplain Management Association


Guidance on developing and implementing post-fire restoration activities

Department of Interiors Emergency stabilization and burned area rehabilitation


Cooperative Extension documents:

Surviving Wildfire

Prescribed Fire

Climate in Forests and Woodlands

USDA Forest Service Burned Area Emergency Response, BAER



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