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Historical and current fire management practices in two wilderness areas in the southwestern United States: The Saguaro Wilderness Area and the Gila-Aldo Leopold Wilderness Complex, Hunter, Molly E., Iniguez Jose M., and Farris Calvin A. , Number Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-325, Fort Collins, CO, (2014) PDF icon Hunter_2014.pdf (7.67 MB)
The relationship of multispectral satellite imagery to immediate fire effects, Hudak, A.T., Morgan P., Bobbitt M.J., Smith A.M.S., Lewis S.A., Lentile L.B., Robichaud P.R., Clark J.T., and McKinley R.A. , Fire Ecology, Volume 3, Issue 1, (2007) PDF icon Hudak_2007.pdf (310.76 KB)
Field validation of Burned Area Reflectance Classification (BARC) products for post fire assessment, Hudak, A.T., Robichaud P.R., Evans J.B., Clark J., Lannom K., Morgan P., and Stone C. , Remote sensing for field users; proceedings of the tenth Forest Service remote sensing applications conference, Salt Lake City, UT, (2004) PDF icon Hudak_2004.pdf (535.87 KB)
Pre- and postfire distribution of soil water repellency in a steep chaparral watershed, Hubbert, K. R., Wohlgemuth P. M., and Preisler H. K. , Proceedings of the 2002 Fire Conference: Managing fire and fuels in the remaining wildlands and open spaces of the Southwestern United States, Number Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-189, Albany, CA, (2008) PDF icon Hubbert_2008.pdf (822.17 KB)
Effects of hydromulch on post-fire erosion and plant recovery in chaparral shrublands of southern California, Hubbert, K.R., Wohlgemuth P.M., and Beyers J.L. , International Journal of Wildland Fire, Volume 21, (2012) PDF icon Hubbert_2012.pdf (706.34 KB)
Sample collection of ash and burned soils from the October 2007 southern California Wildfires, Hoefen, T.M., Kokaly R.F., Martin D. A., Rochester C., Plumlee G.S., Mendez G., Reichard E.G., and Fisher R.N. , U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report, Number 2009-1038, (2009) PDF icon Hoefen_2009.pdf (82.57 MB)
Integrating soil ecological knowledge into restoration management, Heneghan, L., Miller S.P., Baer S., Callaham, Jr. M.A., Montgomery J., Pavao-Zuckerman M., Rhoades C.C., and Richardson S. , Restoration Ecology, Volume 16, Issue 4, (2008) PDF icon Heneghan_2008.pdf (200.06 KB)
Assessment of wildland fire impacts on watershed annual water yield: Analytical framework and case studies in the United States, Hallema, D.W., Sun G., Caldwell P.V., Norman S.P., Cohen E.C., Liu Y., Ward E.J., and McNulty S.G. , Ecohydrology, (2016)
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