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Riparian fuel treatments in the western USA: Challenges and considerations, Dwire, Kathleen A., Meyer Kristen E., Riegel Gregg, and Burton Timothy , Number Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-352, Fort Collins, CO, (2016) PDF icon Dwire_2016.pdf (4.52 MB)
Influences of wildfire and channel reorganization on spatial and temporal variation in stream temperature and distribution of fish and amphibians, Dunham, Jason B., Rosenberger Amanda E., Luce Charlie H., and Rieman Bruce E. , Ecosystems, Volume 10, Issue 2, (2007) PDF icon Dunham_2007.pdf (548.86 KB)
Effects of fire on fish populations: landscape perspectives on persistence of native fishes and nonnative fish invasions, Dunham, J.B., Young M.K., Gresswell R.E., and Rieman B.E. , Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 178, (2003) PDF icon Dunham_2003.pdf (226.35 KB)
Impacts of erosion control treatments on native vegetation recovery after severe wildfire in the Eastern Cascades, USA., Dodson, E.K., Peterson D.W., and Harrod R.J. , International Journal of Wildland Fire, Volume 19, (2010) PDF icon Dodson_2010.pdf (2.67 MB)
Post-fire soil erosion and how to manage it, Delwich, J. , Fire Science Brief, Volume 69, (2009) PDF icon Delwiche_2009.pdf (527.18 KB)
The effect of hydrophobic substances on water movement in soil during infiltration, DeBano, L.F. , Soil Science Society of America Journal, Volume 35, (1971) PDF icon DeBano_1971.pdf (141.75 KB)
Fire-induced water repellency: An erosional factor in wildland environments, DeBano, L.F. , Land Stewardship in the 21st Century: The Contributions of Watershed Management, Number Proc. RMRS-P-13, Fort Collins, CO, (2000) PDF icon DeBano_2000B.pdf (30.44 KB)
Soil heating in chaparral fires: effects on soil properties, plant nutrients, erosion, and runoff, DeBano, L.F., Rice R.M., and Eugene C.C. , Number Res. Paper PSW-RP-145, Berkely, CA, (1979) PDF icon DeBano_1979.pdf (1.88 MB)
Effects of fire on chaparral soils in Arizona and California and postfire management implications, DeBano, L.F. , Proceedings of the Symposium on Fire and Watershed Management, Number Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-109, Berkeley, (1989) PDF icon DeBano_1989.pdf (270.24 KB)
Water repellent soils: a state-of-the art, DeBano, L.F. , Berkeley, CA, (1981) PDF icon DeBano_1981.pdf (992.52 KB)
The role of fire and soil heating on water repellency in wildland environments: a review, DeBano, L.F. 2000. , Journal of Hydrology, Volume 231, (2000) PDF icon DeBano_2000.pdf (339.63 KB)
The effect of fire on soil properties, DeBano, L.F. , Proceedings-management and productivity of western-montane forest soils, Number Gen. Tech. Rep. INT-280, Ogden, UT, (1991) PDF icon DeBano_1991.pdf (702.38 KB)
Extreme water quality degradation following a catastrophic forest fire, Dahm, C.N., Candelary-Ley R.I., Reale C.S., Reale J.K., and Van Horn D.J. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 60, (2015) PDF icon Dahm_2015.pdf (2.71 MB)
Using BAER Reports to Investigate Recreation Impacts of Fire Events, D.J., Chavez, and McCollum D. , Proceedings of the Fourth Social Aspects and Recreation Research Symposium, San Francisco, California, (2004) PDF icon Chavez_McCollum_2004.pdf (237.59 KB)
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