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Sediment Availability on burned hillslope, Nyman, P., Sheridan G.J., Moody J.A., Smith Hugh G., Noske P.J., and Lane P.N.J. , Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 118, (2013) PDF icon Nyman_2013.pdf (1.65 MB)
Developing a multiscale fire treatment strategy for species habitat management, Norman, Steven P., Lee Danny C., and Tallmon David A. , Proceedings of the 2002 Fire Conference: Managing fire and fuels in the remaining wildlands and open spaces of the Southwestern United States, Number Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-189, Albany, CA, (2008) PDF icon Norman_2008.pdf (287.03 KB)
Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on soils and water, Neary, Daniel G., Ryan Kevin C., and DeBano Leonard F. , Number Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR_42-vol.4, Ogden, UT, (2005) PDF icon Neary_2005.pdf (8.14 MB)
Post-wildfire watershed flood responses, Neary, D.G., Gottfried G.J., and Ffolliott P.F. , Proceedings of the 2nd International Fire Ecology Conference, Orlando, Florida, (2003) PDF icon Neary_2003.pdf (248.23 KB)
Post-wildland fire desertification: Can Rehabilitation treatments make a difference?, Neary, D.G. , Fire Ecology, Volume 5, Issue 1, (2009) PDF icon Neary_2009.pdf (731.32 KB)
Rock gabion, rock armoring, and culvert treatments contributing to and reducing erosion during post-wildfire flooding - Schultz Fire 2010, Neary, Daniel G., Koestner Karen A., and Youberg Ann , Proceedings of the 3rd International Meeting of Fire Effects on Soil Properties, Guimaraes, Portugal, (2011) PDF icon Neary_2011.pdf (792.84 KB)
Burned area emergency watershed rehabilitation: Program goals, techniques, effectiveness, and future directions in the 21st Century, Neary, D.G., Robichaud P.R., and Beyers J.L. , Land Stewardship in the 21st Century: the Contributions of Watershed Management, Number RMRS-P-13, Fort Collins, CO, (2000) PDF icon Neary_2000.pdf (30.81 KB)
Post-fire rill and gully formation, Schultz Fire 2010, Arizona, USA, Neary, D.G., Koestner K.A., Youberg A., and Koestner P.E. , Geoderma, Volume 191, (2012) PDF icon Neary_2012.pdf (1.46 MB)
Burned saguaro: Will they live or die?, Narog, Marcia G., Corcoran Bonni M., and Wilson Ruth C. , Merging science and management in a rapidly changing world: Biodiversity and management of the Madrean Archipelago III and 7th Conference on Research and Resource Management in the Southwestern Deserts, Number RMRS-P-67, Fort Collins, CO, (2013) PDF icon Narog_2013.pdf (595.36 KB)
Burned Area Emergency Response Treatments Catalog, Napper, C. , Number 0625 1801-SDTDC, Washington, D.C., p.266, (2006) PDF icon Napper_2006_BAER_Catalog.pdf (7.47 MB)
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