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Influences of prior wildfires on vegetation response to subsequent fire in a reburned Southwestern landscape, Coop, Jonathan D., Parks Sean A., McClernan Sarah R., and Holsinger Lisa M. , Ecological Applications, Volume 26, Issue 2, (2016) PDF icon Coop_2016.pdf (1.06 MB)
Using remote sensing to monitor post-fire watershed recovery as a tool for management, Clark, Jess, Stamer Marc, Cooper Kevin, Napper Carolyn, Hogue Terri, and Kinoshita Alicia , Merging science and management in a rapidly changing world: Biodiversity and management of the Madrean Archipelago III and 7th Conference on Research and Resource Management in the Southwestern Deserts, Number RMRS-P-67, Fort Collins, CO, (2013) PDF icon Clark_2013.pdf (1.15 MB)
Predicting the probability and volume of postwildfire debris flows in the intermountain western United States, Cannon, S.H., Gartner J.E., Rupert M.G., Michael J.A., Rea A.H., and Parrett C. , GSA Bulletin, Volume 122, (2010) PDF icon Cannon_2010.pdf (2.39 MB)
Conditions for generation of fire-related debris flows, Capulin Canyon, New Mexico, Cannon, S.H., and Reneau S.L. , Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Volume 25, (2000) PDF icon Cannon_Reneau_2000_Earth_Sur_Proc.pdf (570.45 KB)
Cascading consequences of climate change and expanding population on the threat of wildfire and post fire debris-flow hazards, Western U.S., Cannon, S.H., and DeGraff J. , Landslides-Disaster Risk Reduction, (2009) PDF icon Cannon_Degraff_2008.pdf (5.41 MB)
A process fore fire-related debris flow initiation, Cerro Grande fire, New Mexico, Cannon, S.H., Bigio E.R., and Mine E. , Hydrological Processes, Volume 15, (2001) PDF icon Cannon_2001_Hydro_Proc.pdf (227.56 KB)
Assessing post-fire values-at-risk with a new calculation tool, Calkin, D.E., Hyde K.D., Robichaud P.R., Jones G.J., Ashmun L.E., and Loeffler D. , Number Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-205, Fort Collins, CO, (2007) PDF icon Calkin_2007.pdf (3.44 MB)
Nonmarket resource valuation in the postfire environment, Calkin, D., Jones G., and Hyde K. , Journal of Forestry, Volume 106, Issue 6, (2008) PDF icon Calkin_2008.pdf (79.06 KB)
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